Our Journey From Local To Global Impact

Our drive to improve Business Results began with Elizabeth’s journey. She began her career in Banking. She succeeded by understanding her customer needs, and building their investments. Subsequently, Elizabeth earned the opportunity to successfully grow a multi-million dollar Credit Card business at President’s Choice Financial; and delivered award winning solutions in Acquisition, Retention, Digital, Global Branding & Customer Experience, thereby transforming organizations.

Along the way, Elizabeth developed into an awarded mentor and coach. She led high–performing teams of 100+ across North America, Europe, and the UK, achieving 91% Employee Engagement (35% increase). She became well recognized for navigating complex global organizations with 40,000 employees through to small and nimble startups with 40.

During this journey, Elizabeth identified a need for more business results in consulting which focused on Business and Customers. An approach combining strategy + execution to deliver tangible results to drive business forward. These lived experiences are the foundation of Walford Marketing & CX.