Who We Are

Our Leader:

At WP, we proudly introduce Elizabeth Walford, our visionary founder. Elizabeth’s journey showcases her problem-solving prowess and dedication to excellence. With a background in global brand development, digital transformation, product development, and leading a multi-million-dollar business, she excels at crafting effective solutions to complex challenges.

Elizabeth’s illustrious career includes working with top industry names like GreenShield, Canada Life, TD Bank, BMO and President’s Choice Financial. Her achievements highlight her ability to drive growth and enhance operational efficiency.

Armed with an MBA and certifications in Human-Centered Design, Elizabeth brings practical expertise in building sustainable results. She also imparts her knowledge as a Professor in Marketing and Product Development at Seneca College @ York University.

At WP, we leverage Elizabeth’s expertise and innovative mindset to offer bespoke marketing consulting services. Guided by her strategic vision, our team is committed to delivering transformative results for our clients.

Experience innovation and strategic excellence with Elizabeth and the WP team. Let us help you achieve your business goals with precision and creativity.

Our Team:

We are thrilled to announce that Tram Nguyen has joined our team, bringing with her a wealth of international experience and creative expertise. With over a decade of leadership in the Creative team at top multinational advertising agencies in Asia, Tram has worked with industry giants such as Toyota, Lexus, Unilever, and Hitachi. Her impressive academic background includes a Bachelor of Commerce from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and an MBA from Hanyang University in Korea, complemented by a recent Business – Marketing Diploma from Seneca College.

Tram’s creativity and global insight perfectly align with our company’s marketing intelligence, enabling us to deliver innovative solutions for our clients. Her diverse experience and visionary approach will undoubtedly enhance our ability to craft compelling and effective marketing strategies.

Join us in welcoming Tram to the team and experience the fresh, innovative perspectives she brings to our projects. With Tram on board, we are more equipped than ever to drive your business success with creativity and strategic expertise.

Our Partners:

We are thrilled to introduce Jordan Levitin, of Levitin Insights/ Strategy, who partners with Walford Partners. Jordan is a distinguished North American market research industry leader. Jordan’s unique contributions, with 40 years of experience designing, executing, and reporting on qualitative and quantitative studies, have been instrumental in guiding numerous clients through crucial strategic brand positioning and innovation decisions.

He is widely recognized in the Canadian Marketing Insights industry. In 2020, he co-authored “Practical Marketing Research: A Guidebook to Marketing Insights” with Chuck Chakrapani and Ken Deal, a seminal resource in the field.

His unparalleled experience and dedication to excellence will continue to drive innovation and success for our clients. Let Jordan and the team at Walford Partners help you navigate the complexities of market research and achieve your business goals with precision and insight.

We are proud to introduce Dan Smith, of Clearly Financial, who partners with Walford Partners. Dan’s expertise in strategic product development, technology, and payment services is unmatched. With a 20-year career in commercial payments, Dan has honed his skills working with global card networks and banks, including Mastercard, American Express, and Visa.

Dan’s early payment success was marked by his visionary approach at Scotiabank, where he built a commercial card business that now delivers over $9 billion annually in payment volume. His responsibilities encompassed P&L and relationship management for five global commercial banks: Citibank, Bank of America, JP Morgan, Corpay (Fleetcor), and WEX.

Experience unparalleled expertise in strategic product development and technology with Dan Smith and the team at Walford Partners. Let us help you navigate the complexities of the financial product landscape and achieve your business goals with precision and innovation.